Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm a Taurus through and through, but the one trait that the typical Taurus possesess that I don't see in myself is the reluctance to change.  I hate change at work & with my friends (that's a bit stressful), but change with my style, hair & make up I live for! 

I love the length of my hair (need a trim!) but something needs to change - it's been the same 'style' for about a year.  I do change the texture & look (ie. one day I'll wear it straight and the next curly, or the front pieces I'll pull up at the top of my head vs. a ponytail) but I think I need something more dramatic. 

This thought process leads me to my decision try bangs.  I had bangs back in grade school (my mom thought it was adorable) and most recently (2-3 years ago) I had a fringe/side bangs, but I haven't truly had bangs. 

Here is my typical look for day & work! 

What do you think?  Is bangs a good idea? 

I have been collecting a couple inspiration pictures over the past couple of months.

Hopefully I don't chicken out!  Wish me luck! ;)

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