Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brown & Black OOTD

Just a quick post today!  I've really been liking how brown & black work together lately and thought I would post an outfit of the day with this combination.  I think it was a fashion 'no-no' a couple years back but I think it's a very classic & elegant look. 
cardigan - aerie
tank - tna
skirt - the bay (moon)
headband - jcrew

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TOM's Ballet Flats *pinch me* + OOTD

Ekkkkk!  You've heard me talk about them before but my coveted TOM's are coming out with Ballet Flats next spring!  Check out a preview!!!!  This excites me beyond belief.  I'm loving the light pink & light grey ones!

Here is what I wore today.  The day started off rainy so I wasn't feeling the whole 9-to-5 dressy vibe.  So I decided to opt for a casual blazer & skinny jeans.

blazer - H&M
jeans - Paige
white tank - Gap
nail polish - opi russian navy

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Recipe Binder

I love all things organizational in nature, so it's really no surprise that I keep my recipes very organized so that they are easy to find.  Don't get me wrong, even though I have a recipe binder, I am also a die hard collector of recipe books.  The key reason I keep a recipe binder is so that I have a place to collect and store recipes I have found while browsing online, ripped out of magazines and even better it's a place I can collect some of my family favourites that have been passed down from earlier generations. 

As you'll see my recipe binder looks a bit disorganized as sheets of paper are different sizes, some are typed out, some printed out ... but I love it!  For some reason it gives the book an authentic vibe sorta as though I have scored all resources for the recipes.

I started off with a 1 1/2 inch ring binder.  I purchased the type that had a see-through cover, so that I could include a fun title page & spine.  I downloaded this Recipe Binder template via the Internet.  I love it!

Next I purchased page protectors to protect each page & recipe.  I find this so useful as usually I don't like to have my entire binder on my counter top while I'm cooking as it takes up a lot of room.  This gives me the freedom of removing pages and not worrying about spoiling the recipes with spilt milk & loose flour.

I also purchased tabbed dividers for my recipe binder.  I browsed a couple cookbooks at first to find out how cookbooks are easily divided, and I also thought about my recipe database & things I enjoy cooking.  Taking both into account, I had settled on the below categories.

  • Appetizers

  • Sides (this can incorporate salads, vegetable dishes, etc.)

  • Pasta & Rice

  • Main Dishes

  • Family Favourites

  • Breakfast

  • Breads

  • Drinks

  • Desserts

  • Holiday!
    I used alphabet stamps for the first letter on each tab and hand wrote the rest of the word.

  • Here are some pictures of how I've laid out my recipes within my recipe binder.

    Recipes ripped from newspapers & magazines

    Handwritten while cooking with my mom.

    I have even taken photos of recipes in magazines at Chapters

    I love to add comments of my own

    Printed off websites

    Family favourites handwritten for me!  This one is from my dad of my favourite sandwich - the Monte Cristo!

    Sometimes I highlight ingredients I might not buy on a consistent basis.  That way I will be reminded of key ingredients while creating my grocery list.

    I love recipes from a magazine, the colors really help you re-create the dish

    Post-it notes for quick & easy recipes

    Do you have any ways of how you like to organize your recipes? 

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Friday Faves!

    Hi ya'll!  It's Friday!!! :)  My favourite day of the week.  I thought I would quickly go through and capture a couple of my favourite things/events throughout the week (possibly longer) and include some pretty pictures I have recently collected. 

    I think I'm going to break this post down into sections just so that I can organize my thoughts better.  God, I love organization -- which reminds me I still have to do a post on my recipe binder!

    I was pursing and came across this adorable maxi skirt by Theory & a cute pair of black platform sandals.  I love both of them!  Thinking if I should splurge?
    Oh, and I wore my JCrew tweed mini for the first time this week.  I am in love.  I just need to find a top that goes seamlessly with the outfit.  I wore one of those royal blue colored tanks with it, but am thinking it's not the perfect match. (for some reason the royal blue top didn't come through in the pic)

    Let's Go Blue Jays!  The Jays were in town this past weekend for the last time this season, so my bf and I decided to check out a game!  We've been to a couple this Summer as he has a seasons pass!  Gotta love the combination of peanuts, rowdy fans, lots of sun and beeeeer! :)
    If you love beer, you'll love Beer Bistro.  Beer Bistro is a small pub-ish, lounge that gives you the opportunity to sample all sorts of beers from around the world.  You can order 3 samples for $6 -- and if you find a beer you like, order a full pint!  Their french fries are also to die for!

    DIY Projects:
    I'm dying to get my hands on another DIY craft project, and weirdly enough the project I've wanted to work on will actually help me with another problem I have been having - losing my jewellery!  I love this jewellery board for necklaces & earrings!  It actually makes for a really nice art project too.  I could put it in my closet or even on a wall in a washroom.
    Speaking of necklaces, I think my next necklace purchase will be a coral beaded one similar to below.  I think JCrew used to carry something similar to this, but I'm hoping I can find something like it at Forever 21.

    So where is the one room I would experiment most with color & texture?  Probably my laundry room - just in case I don't love it!  I love these pictures of non-traditional paint colors for laundry rooms.  Makes me want to do a load of laundry EVERY night! :)

    And look at this amazing storage/organizational idea for your cutlery!  Amazing!  A quick weekend project.

    Lastly, I recently got my hair cut and at first I hated it (as I always do when I get my hair cut).  I was having trouble curling it when it was so long, but now it's the perfect length.  I was finding that my flat iron was actually pulling out my hair, now I get a more softer and easier curl.  Here is a pic just after curling my hair.

    Have a great weekend!

    Friday, September 16, 2011

    People's Best Dressed (Thoughts & fav. pics of them!)

    People Magazine has recently revealed their Best Dressed of 2011 - exciting!  I usually peruse People Magazine for some of my favourite fashion features such as: Airport Style, You Asked - We Found and Who Wore it Best (which is a crowd favourite at work). 

    I've taken a look at the list, found my personal favourite outfits of each star that they have worn in the past and commented on my thoughts of their style.

    1. Blake Lively

    I love Blake's high fashion sense of style.  I wouldn't necessarily wear what she does to award shows (as she has a great tall, lean body and likes to show off a lot of skin), but I love her 'out and about' more casual style.  She isn't afraid of trying something new.  I also LOVE how she is styled for Gossip Girl - love love love. 

    2. Jennifer Lopez

    Hmmm ... this is an undecided for me.  I think J.Lo is very top of mind right now and could be the reason why she was placed on this list.  I personally have only liked her style at awards shows - reason being she likes to make a statement.

    3. Mila Kunis

    I love her which probably makes me love her style.  I know of Mila best from That 70's Show and of course the style in the show was very 70's (not my style).  She kept out of the limelight, so you couldn't really get a sense of her personal style.  Now that she has been in a couple Hollywood Blockbusters she's been seen out and about more and more and I'm really liking her style.  It's classic and somewhat simple but at the same time there is something creative about how she dresses, something you wouldn't expect.  She has to be my favourite on People's list.

    4. Jennifer Aniston

    Ok, isn't she on every list, all the time?  She's gorgeous, fit and uber successful.  She dresses well but I would really like to see her take more risks with her fashion sense.  She's average to me (always a black/grey/white/red dress to a premiere).  One of my favourite looks was when she took a seat next to Oprah.  I loved how polished she looked.  She also has a great sense of casual dressing. 

    5. Jennifer Hudson


    6. Jessica Alba

    Natural beauty. Natural style.  Even being pregnant she has kept up with her style and probably looks the most adorable & best she ever has.  She keeps her outfits again very classic, but what I love most about her is she isn't afraid to use color!  She also experiments with her hair - bangs/no bangs, blond/brunette and short/long!

    7. Kate Middleton

    No brainer.  The most effortless style I've ever seen.  She preppy and knows what looks good on her.  She dresses like a Princess, never revealing too much skin - always demure.  Never seen her have a fashion mishap or blender - I don't think it's possible.  The best thing?  She re-wears her clothes!!!  PLUS, could she possibly be bringing back pantyhose? 

    8. Kate Bosworth

    Unfortunately I don't know too  much about Kate Bosworth.  Based on pictures I have just googled, I'm not wow'ed or impressed - the only picture I liked was this backless dress.  I think she should hire celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe.

    9. Jennifer Goodwin

    Cute girl.  Loved when she had long hair.  But now she gives off the "edgier" vibe which I don't relate to fashion wise. 

    10. Reese Witherspoon

    Adorable, non-aging Reese.  She has always had an eye for structured dresses and gorgeous shoes.  She gives off a confident & poised vibe.  I believe what put Reese in the fashion for front is when she cut blunt bangs and decided to wear a knee-length Nina Ricci yellow dress to the Golden Globes.  Stunning!

    There it is!  People's list of Best Dressed this year!

    Ones I would have liked to add to the list are:
    • Rachel Bilson (of course!)
    • Nicole Richie
    • Olivia Palermo
    Just would like to share an OOTD.  Here is what I wore to work today.  It's FRIDAY!  So I went casual.  The temperature has dropped considerably in the past week or so I've had to start wearing jackets & scarfs.

    shirt & scarf - aritzia
    jeans - paige
    jacket - joe fresh