Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back-To-School (errrr... Work, well not really) Fall Fashion Crushing!

Well I'm not going 'back' anywhere - not school & not work (I work full time).  I've been out of school for years, but I always enjoyed the back-to-school time period, espically the shopping.  It was a complete re-fresh of pretty much anything I owned - new clothes, new pencil case, new shoes, new haircut, new books, new people and more importantly a new beginning!  The beginning of Fall almost had the feeling of being able to transistion & change yourself and I loved that!  I still get goosebumps thinking about not being able to sleep the night before my first day back to class!

I think the most obvious connection (for a girl, of course) and back-to-school is the shopping for new clothes!  Putting away the tank tops, skirts and flip flops and transitioning warmer, cozier and textured clothing! 

So now on to my favourite Fall Fashion Crushes that I'm feeling like I'll need to incorporate into my work wardrobe in order to give myself a re-freash & small makeover.

Blazers!  I love the look of blazers with skinny jeans, dress pants and even a skirt/dress!  I have a classic black blazer, and a navy one, but I would like to incorporate a khaki and/or grey one!

Skirts & Dresses!  I love being able to update a skirt or dress from the summer by adding leggings, a jean jacket, or switching out a tank top & pairing a wornout sweatshirt with a maxi skirt!  My favourite look has to be the cable knit sweater with the pleated skirt.

Weekend/Casual!  I love the look of a baggy t-shirts, loose cardigans, longer necklaces, jean skirt, hats, etc.

Nail Polish!  I love experimenting with nail polish colors and will be trying out this new color by OPI called Get on the Espresso Lane.  It's sort of a creamy brown/grey, but goes on similar to a very matte black.  I love it!  But don't get me wrong, this wont be my go-to nail color -- I'll still be rocking the deep purples, reds, and navy blues!

Well that's my selection of fashion inspirations for the Fall!  I can't wait to try and re-create the looks!

Speaking of trying to re-create a look, I came across the most amazing, time saving hairstyle on I Pink I Love You's blog.  It's called the Sock Bun!  Yes, you read that correctly - a sock bun.  You actually use a tube sock in your hair!  It looks a bit challenging but once you've mastered her steps, it's quite simple & professional looking.  When I wore it to work, I had a ton of compliements and people asking if I had added hair extensions.  Here is my first attempt at the bun.

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