Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friday Faves!

Hi ya'll!  It's Friday!!! :)  My favourite day of the week.  I thought I would quickly go through and capture a couple of my favourite things/events throughout the week (possibly longer) and include some pretty pictures I have recently collected. 

I think I'm going to break this post down into sections just so that I can organize my thoughts better.  God, I love organization -- which reminds me I still have to do a post on my recipe binder!

I was pursing and came across this adorable maxi skirt by Theory & a cute pair of black platform sandals.  I love both of them!  Thinking if I should splurge?
Oh, and I wore my JCrew tweed mini for the first time this week.  I am in love.  I just need to find a top that goes seamlessly with the outfit.  I wore one of those royal blue colored tanks with it, but am thinking it's not the perfect match. (for some reason the royal blue top didn't come through in the pic)

Let's Go Blue Jays!  The Jays were in town this past weekend for the last time this season, so my bf and I decided to check out a game!  We've been to a couple this Summer as he has a seasons pass!  Gotta love the combination of peanuts, rowdy fans, lots of sun and beeeeer! :)
If you love beer, you'll love Beer Bistro.  Beer Bistro is a small pub-ish, lounge that gives you the opportunity to sample all sorts of beers from around the world.  You can order 3 samples for $6 -- and if you find a beer you like, order a full pint!  Their french fries are also to die for!

DIY Projects:
I'm dying to get my hands on another DIY craft project, and weirdly enough the project I've wanted to work on will actually help me with another problem I have been having - losing my jewellery!  I love this jewellery board for necklaces & earrings!  It actually makes for a really nice art project too.  I could put it in my closet or even on a wall in a washroom.
Speaking of necklaces, I think my next necklace purchase will be a coral beaded one similar to below.  I think JCrew used to carry something similar to this, but I'm hoping I can find something like it at Forever 21.

So where is the one room I would experiment most with color & texture?  Probably my laundry room - just in case I don't love it!  I love these pictures of non-traditional paint colors for laundry rooms.  Makes me want to do a load of laundry EVERY night! :)

And look at this amazing storage/organizational idea for your cutlery!  Amazing!  A quick weekend project.

Lastly, I recently got my hair cut and at first I hated it (as I always do when I get my hair cut).  I was having trouble curling it when it was so long, but now it's the perfect length.  I was finding that my flat iron was actually pulling out my hair, now I get a more softer and easier curl.  Here is a pic just after curling my hair.

Have a great weekend!

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