Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall into Fall With Gorgeous Home Decor

Tis the season of crisp cool mornings, spicy apple crisp (mmmmmm...), and crisp vibrant colors.  As much as I love the Summer, I love the beginning of Fall.  I swear it gets people giddy & excited.  However, I could deal without the dramatic changes in temperature - you know that weird phenomenon of when you leave your house in the morning and it's 12 degrees and magically it becomes 26 degrees when you go to grab lunch.

What I love about the Fall most I think is the change in Fall decor.  Here are a couple of pictures that I would love to incorporate into my home (when I get one) ;)  Most of the images are from pinterest.
Adorable leaf monogram!

Incorporate orange throw pillows
LOVE the wreath!  Would be great for a front door too!

Mantel Banner -- great for a party!
I want to host a party!!!


An affordable Fall accent piece
Pefect porch additions
White peonies with a gold ribbon.  A simple fall bouqet = perfection

In keeping with the Fall theme, I just purchased a new eyeshadow from NARS this past weekend.  The color is called Fez - it's a brownish/bronzeish color. 

It's a very neutral shade when blended with a highlighter shadwo like Shroom from MAC.  I wore it for the first time at a baby shower I had to attend this weekend and the color lasted the entire day. I also loved the way the shadow applied.  I think I'm going to try more NARS shadows in the future!

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