Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Makeup Organization ... + my favourite products

Makeup! & Organization! in the same title.  I've even intrigued myself.  I'm a huge organizational freak but at the same time a big procrastinator, I've wanted to do a post about how I organize my makeup for months.  It has taken me months (not because it's not organized -- it is!) but because the pics I took of my makeup have been on my laptop which has been pretty much under construction for the past couple of months.  I've been procrastinating setting it up and charging it.  I know, excuses... excuses.  Well now that I'm set up again, and have all my personal documents & pictures I promise to blog a lot more. 

I don't tend to wear too much makeup to work, usually just the basics like concealar, bronzer, blush and mascara.  I however LOVE to wear makeup when I go out at night!  Since I don't wear too much jewelery I feel as though makeup is my best accessory.

Now on to the makeup organization!

I have forever carried my top used (fav.) products in a makeup case that I can throw into my purse for either a night out, sleepover or a rushed morning out the door if I'm late for work!  All my other makeup products are concealed in a two drawer plastic case that I picked up a couple years ago at one of my favourite stores called Solutions (basically it's a store specifically for organizing solutions!)

The top compartment stores all my 'face' products (ie. tinted moisturizers, concealers, blush, bronzers, powders, etc.)  The bottom compartment stores all my lip & eye makeup!  This is my favourite -- as there are so many colors.  I have all my MAC quads, lipsticks & glosses oh and all my makeup brushes. (now just thinking about this, I wish I took a pic of the drawers open).  I will promise to add this soon!

 my fav FACE products:
MAC tinted moisturizer in Medium Dark
Bare Escentuals Faux Tan bronzer (have used this product for YEARS!  I love it!!!)
Bobbi Brown Blush in Peony
Marcelle Illuminating Power

 MAC Eyebrown Pencil in Lingering
Sephora Eyeliner in Black
Anastasia Highlighting Pencil (I use this on my brow bone & in the corner of my eyes)
MAC Concealer in NW20
Benefit Erase Paste
Smashbox Eyeshadow Trio in Center Stage

my fav LIPSTICKS - they are all MAC
Hue, Speed Dial, Lovelorn, Sweetie
(Sweetie is my ultimate favourite, I've been wearing this one since the end of highschool) 

I have way too many MAC eye shadows (and I barely wear any of them).  My favourite are: Vex, Shroom, Retrospeck, Ricepaper, Carbon and Plum Dressing.  The above is just a small selection of all the colors!  Now you can see why the bottom compartment of my makeup storage container is my favourite!

Now on to my nail polish collection.  I usually always have color on my nails (again I think of nail polish as an accessory).  I keep all my colors in the below basket compartment.  I absolutely love Essie nail polish, it's my favourite brand, goes on really well and I feel like they have been producing some great colors recently.

My favourite nail polish colors are:
Essie: Chinchilly, Fifth Avenue, Mint Candy Apple, Sugar Daddy and Sand Tropez
OPI: No Spain No Gain, Lincoln Park After Dark, Russian Navy and Bubble Bath 

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