Saturday, August 20, 2011

Look I'm Coveting for Fall

I know I know,  I'm being a downer talking about Fall, but I've been seeing a lot of fashion sites & stores start releasing their Fall collections & lookbooks.  I'm really liking all the trends I've been seeing: loafers, jewel toned skinny jeans (my fav are red), blue nails (check out Chanel's new demin inspired collection) and calf-length dresses with platform shoes.  I can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds. 

Now, on to my favourite look I'm coveting and one that I definitely want to incorporate into my wardrobe for Fall and then even into Winter (paired with tights!).  I was on one of my favourite blogs to get fashion inspiration from - Hills Freak and I saw a scan of Lauren Conrad in the September issue People Style Watch. 

She paired a long sleeve silky shirt with a mini a-line skirt.  It's adorable and so easy to wear.  I believe I have seen some of these tops at Zara so I'm hopping to find a replica there.  I kinda love the mis-matched (clashing) combo of the light pink blouse with the red chiffon American Eagle skirt or even the metallic skirt!!!  Wish me luck in finding this look.  I hope to post it as one of my OOTD's in the near future.

Enjoy your weekend!

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