Friday, August 12, 2011

Obsessed with Window Seats!

I love home inspirations and I love envisioning what I could possibly have one day, probably only in my wildest dreams or if I won the lottery, but I suppose that's why they are called INSPIRATIONS - something to strive for. 

For the past couple of years I have carried a USB stick in my purse at all times JUST INCASE I saw a gorgeous picture.  The world wide web is huge and I know I would have a hard time finding the pictures again if I needed them in the future (of course, speaking from experience), so I have the compulsive personality of collecting pictures online with my USB.  Now, even though this habit sounds crazy, I have accumulated a ton of pictures I love & would like to incorporate into my future home.

One inspiration I have for my future home is a gorgeous and comfy window seat.  Window seats just scream relaxation.  They also give off that welcoming vibe, which I think is very important in a home.  A window seat says, "come, sit and stay a while".  You can enjoy your morning tea wrapped up tightly in a knitted blanket, cuddle with your family on a cold Winter night or grab your favourite book and fall asleep.  Window seats are a dream come true for me.

Here are some pictures of window seats I have collected.  I believe they can also be found on Pinterest.  I think I might have to do a post all about Pinterest.  I am loving that site, however I'm still awaiting my official invitation to join.

  A great use of space.  A window seat on the landing of a staircase.  (LOVE the California Shutters too!)
Love the fabric on this window seat & all the pillows!
Another great use of space.  A book shelf!
Window seats add seating to a family room.
God, I love window seating in a kitchen.  What a welcoming kitchen.
So country chic & nautical.

Please tell me you agree with the look of a window seat.  Do you have any inspiration pictures?

Also, here is what I'm wearing today.  It's casual Friday in our office (which is at least 15-20 degrees cooler than it is outside).  I'm going out for a friends 30th birthday tonight so I knew I would be changing into something a bit more fancy in the evening, so toning it down for work was right up my alley!

top - club monaco
skinny jeans & necklace - forever21 ($12!!!) My designer Paige skinny jeans zipper broke after only half a year of wearing, but my LFL version from F21 have lasted all Spring & Summer!
shoes (not pictured) - banana republic


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  2. Illuminated In PinkAugust 16, 2011 at 6:34 AM

    Hi Kassandra,
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    I will def. check out your blog! :)